WFH Style & Wardrobe

I don't know about you but I have to get ready everyday in order to be able to work from home during this shelter in place period.  Once I take a shower and put on an outfit that isn't my PJs or my bathrobe I feel like I am ready to work.  I wanted to share some of the changes I've made during this time and how I structure my days and weekends so that at least I feel like they are different :)

During the week I get up, make coffee, take a shower, get ready, do my light makeup routine, make something quick to eat, and start my work day at my dining table.  If you have been following my WFH Diary IG story highlight you will see that I post what I eat in the AM, my #ootd, and what we eat for dinner.  Once my work day is over, I then cook all of our dinners.  This is the first time in our lives where I've had the time to actually plan and cook everyday.  We have ordered delivery 2-3 times out of 27 days.

I have had time to explore with recipes for dinner and during the weekend, so this has been a perk.  I don't dress up during the weekends and instead I put on loungewear or activewear and catch up on new Netflix or Amazon Prime video shows.  One show that I am really into right now is Amazon Fashion's 'Making The Cut'.  I also use the time I have during the weekends to explore with new dishes.  This past weekend I made pizza! I've always wanted to make pizza from scratch and I was able to finally make one on day 26! I also can't believe that it turned out so well and so good!

I have had the opportunity to declutter our apartment and donate the unnecessary bulky items and extra clothes we had in our closets.  I've also been able to set the dinner table every night! On the beauty front, I have been taking more baths and have been able to let my eyebrows grow for a fuller look!

How are you making the best out of this unfortunate situation? Stay safe and wishing you and your loved ones the best.