Fashion in Asia: Taiwan & Hong Kong

Happy New Year! As you all know, my husband and I vacationed in Asia this year! It was an amazing experience.  During our vacation, I paid attention to the fashion.  I always think that it is very interesting to see what people are wearing around the world.  In my home country, Puerto Rico, women tend to wear more revealing pieces, very tall shoes, and of course light pieces because it is so hot there.

In the US, you get a little bit of everything.  In Asia, specifically in Taiwan and Hong Kong is completely different.  People dress very conservative overall in both countries.  In Taiwan, the style is much like a school girl look.  I noticed that the younger women in their 20's and 30's wore a cute top with shorts over some black tights and flats.  The older women wore a button up shirt and chinos.  No crop tops were worn.

In Hong Kong, the go-to hue is black.  We stayed at The Pottinger Hotel and around there I spotted all black everything styled with a designer handbag.  Almost everyone owned a designer handbag. The focus isn't on style, it is on handbags and shoes to go with head-to-toe black outfits.  I thought that this was very interesting.  I think it has to do with the fact that everyone is in Hong Kong to work and make good money and so they dress professional.  No crop tops were worn.

I really enjoyed the vendor shops in Taiwan.

I am obsessed with Jade!

My favorite mall in Hong Kong was the Olympian City Mall located in Kowloon.  Here, you can find European brands that aren't in the US such as, Bershka and Stradivarius! My favorite boutique in Taiwan was Loranzo Romanza.