Misha Nonoo Preview at HeidiSays

I was super excited to attend and cover the Misha Nonoo Fall 2015 collection preview event.  The event took place at HeidiSays fabulous boutique on Fillmore last Thursday! I have been following this fashion label for quite sometime now.  I admire everything that young designer Misha Nonoo has accomplished in just 4 years and I can't wait to see what the future holds.  Misha Nonoo debuted her collection during the Fall of 2011 Fashion Week in NY.  Misha Nonoo has won several prestigious awards in the industry and is currently part of the highly reputable CFDA fashion incubator.

What has also caught my attention about this label is the fact that Misha Nonoo has collaborated with Aldo Shoes twice now for an Aldo Rise collection.  The current Misha Nonoo X Aldo Rise collection is available at the Aldo near you or online.  Prices range from $85 for the handbags and $160 for the shoes.  Check out the full collection here.  Another genius move by Misha Nonoo was how the S/S 2016 collection debuted during NYFW this past September.  The collection was released as an "instagram show" under handle @MishaNonoo_Show (check it out, it is still available).  First time I had seen this and it sure got a lot of press coverage and influencer's attention.

It was an honor and a great experience to have had the opportunity to attend the preview event at HeidiSays.  I got to meet Heidi, the owner of the boutique and Laura, who works with Misha Nonoo in NYC (see pics here).  Thank you HeidiSays for having me! This was my first time visiting the boutique.  I fell in love with a hot pink Alexander McQueen asymmetrical dress, an A.L.C red dress, and everything Misha Nonoo!