Introducing Nailed Kit - An SF Startup

Starting today, I am going to write about all of the awesome startups and founders that I meet in SF through the Digitally Chic meetup group that I co-host.  I will be writing about cool SF startups in addition to my favorite fashion picks, collaborations, and sample sales of course! I feel like there are just too many cool companies out there waiting to launch or that just recently launched and have amazing products and services! And you should be able to see what they offer and what they are all about.

The first startup that I would like to highlight is Nailed Kit.  I think what Nailed Kit offers is just genius! They offer a DIY nail kit that requires no nail polish or dry time! All you do is stick on the nail color strips and decals and voila! I am even thinking about ordering the light pink one for my wedding. Stay tuned.

I had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Rachel Honeth Kim.  She was so nice and very down to earth.  She had on the halloween themed nails from the halloween Nailed Kit collection.  They just looked amazing! You should follow Nailed Kit's instagram at @NailedKit for inspiration and buy a few Nailed Kits for holiday gifts.  A Nailed Kit would be amazing for christmas, right? How would you feel if you received one? Pretty ecstatic right? You can then tell your friends and family that you got it from this awesome company called Nailed Kit and heard about it from a blog ;) Please, check out the different themes and colors on their website.

If you try it out before me, show me pictures! tag me on instagram @keilysfashionpicks.

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  1. Amazing start-up! Thank you for sharing! Great holiday present, will keep it in mind;)


  2. love hearing about startups, thanks for sharing~ found you on IFB!