The Perfect Fur Jacket

I have been wanting a Faux Fur jacket for about 3 years now and I never seem to find the right color or cut.  I am happy to share that this hunt is over! Well, hopefully over...let's hope the jacket fits.  A fur jacket will always be timeless.  Remember that fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing.  Fur has been around for a very, very long time.

During my search, I fell in love with this beautiful work of art by Jocelyn Fur.

Luba Jakobson wearing Jocelyn Fur
The only problem with this is that it costs $995 at FarFetch!!! So I continued my search and found this one instead, for just $80 here!!!

Nadia Grace Mejia wearing PLT X Sofia Richie
Louise Thompson wearing PLT X Sofia Richie
It is a different color and not real fur, but I am ok with that :) It is definitely a fun statement piece!