Magical Indian Wedding!

Our recent trip to India was one for the books! We attended a magical 3 day Indian wedding in Jaipur at the Jai Mahal Palace.  It was such an honor and so amazing to have been a part of this very important weekend for the bride and groom.  We met the bride and groom in San Francisco and we are so glad that we got to experience an unforgettable wedding full of love, happiness, delicious food, beautiful traditional events, and lots of fun and dancing! To top things off the bride and groom asked us to perform a choreographed dance along with the "SF Crew" for the Sangeet night and of course we said yes!

We had no idea what to expect and who was part of the "SF Crew" but we practiced hard and truly enjoyed learning the steps to Kala Chashma, practicing, and performing it alongside such an amazing crew! Another highlight was the fact that the choreographers were present and we got to meet them which made the experience that much more amazing :)

Dress: Carven |  Sandals: Jimmy Choo |  Clutch: Dolce & Gabbana

Every detail was just perfection from the decorations, to the food, drinks, and ambiance.  The bride looked like a beautiful princess marrying her handsome prince! It was truly magical and out of a fairy tale to see the bride and groom celebrate and host such a gorgeous weekend alongside their family and friends.

The schedule of events were as follows:

Thursday night- Svaagat: Beautiful welcome dinner & reception
          See what I wore here

Friday noon- Mehendi- Lively daytime celebration & body art
          See what I wore here

Friday night- Sangeet: Epic choreographed dances and amazing speeches
          See what I wore here

Saturday night- Shaadi: The main wedding ceremony
          See what I wore here

Not sure if we will ever have the opportunity to attend another epic Indian wedding and so we will cherish this experience forever! Thank you #Jayditi :)



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