Zara Soho Grand Opening!

#DearSoho and Zara lovers, today was the grand opening of the Zara Soho location at 503 Broadway.  So excited to be a part of this opening and be able to share it with you! I am a huge fan of mixing high and low and Zara is my go to store for everything non-luxury.  I find timeless and trendy pieces on their site or stores every season, year after year.

I got to the location right at 12:00pm and there were people already lined up to see the store.  When I got there, I was mesmerized by the big flower doorway made out of real flowers.  It was just beautiful.  A lot of people that were walking by would stop by to see what was going on and everyone had their cell phones out taking pictures, of course.

We waited for about 30 minutes before we could enter.  I believe there was a private press and staff event taking place before they allowed all of the shoppers to enter.  I stood by a glass window and I could hear some type of chant that went something like "we are Soho" or "Dear Soho".  Not sure.  Everyone was super excited.  After their meeting ended, they then turned to us shoppers standing outside and took pictures of us.  Immediately after this, we were let inside through the beautiful flower doorway and into a stunning Zara store kissed by the NY architecture charm.  If you live in NYC or are visiting soon, pay a visit to this store, it is a must.

Once we went inside, everyone took more pictures and began to shop.  The store had everything in all sizes and the mannequins were rocking the newest collection.  I loved the shoes, the blush color pieces, and the new denim collection.  I also fell in love with these white leather sandals! I might have to go back to get them.  They are perfect for NY spring and summer! The dressing room technology was also impressive.  The dressing room queue was being managed by a tap screen and very nice staff.   Each customer was assigned to a dressing room number based on how many items you were trying on.  Once you got into the dressing room, there was another screen where you could order pieces to try on in different sizes and colors.  The lighting was amazing inside the dressing room as well.  Definitely the right way to shop nowadays!

The whole experience was fun and exciting! On my way out, I was given a flower that had the Zara logo on it.  Such a smart way to promote the opening.  On my way to the subway station, I was asked where I got the flower.  I was very happy to share the details and directed a group of girls on Crosby street to the Zara store.

Here are my pics and a little video:

I wore a Zara top & earrings and Theory pants



  1. The grand opening promotional event of this store was so interesting. I really enjoyed the event with my cousin. I am an event planner and usually attend such events to get ideas for my projects. Currently, I am working on a bachelorette party and booked one of iconic event space NYC for it. Quite excited about this project.