Introducing Kit and Ace: Technical Cashmere & Contemporary Luxury Womenswear

Happy Friday and Happy 1st day of May! I am super excited to share with you this new amazing store that is right by my apartment in the Marina called Kit and Ace.  I met the Jr. Shop Director, Mina Schams, one day while I was at my favorite bakery on Chestnut called Le Marais Bakery.  Mina was super friendly and super awesome! She told me all about what she did at Kit and Ace and invited me over to her shop!

I absolutely loved the clean look and feel of the shop.  Kit and Ace is a Canadian brand founded by Lululemon's founder's wife and son,  so think luxury t-shirts made out of technical cashmere that are washable.  As I walked around the shop feeling all of the soft tops and scarves, I fell in love with their Claremont Tank! This tank is so versatile and can be worn with your favorite trousers, shorts, culottes, or even Lululemons! If you are in need of pieces that you can pair with your activewear and not look like you are going to the gym or pieces that up your casual game with the right luxury touch, Kit and Ace is your answer.

There are only 2 stores in the US.  We are very lucky to have one here on Fillmore and Pixley St., so check it out, and the other one is in NYC.  There is a 3rd one coming soon to Hayes Valley so stay tuned!

Here are some pictures of my Kit and Ace visit! Thank you Mina!



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