Statement making outfits for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

For those of you attending Fashion Week this year in NY...what are you wearing to the shows or to Lincoln Center?! I am not sure if I will be able to attend but if I do, you will see me in one of these.  My favorite is the diamond print set with the satin black cap! Enjoy!


H M blue dress
$59 -

H M blue sweater
$59 -

H M top
$51 -

H M rayon blouse
$51 -

Topshop jacket

H M skirt
$59 -

H M blue skirt
$51 -

H M skater skirt
$42 -

H&M leather sandals
$67 -

H M black hat
$25 -

H M floppy hat
$22 -


  1. Love these looks that you pulled! IT's so insanely hot in NYC right now I'm dreading the shows and wish I could skip out. I'll probably end up wearing a matching skirt and top.

    The Style Boro

  2. Thank you! Have fun at NYFW! I hope I can make it in Feb ;) XOXO