What to wear to Fashion Week Polyvores

Fashion Week is just around the corner! Prepare yourself for a chilly and cloudy weather in NY from Feb 6-13.  I will be following it via live streaming.  Although, I entered a contest to win tickets to fashion week…but what are the odds that I will win right? I am sure that all bloggers, fashion industry people, models off duty, and fashionistas have their outfits all planned out by now.  If you don't…Don't worry.  Just keep in mind that you want to make a statement and not look like a clown.  You want to dress to impress!

Here are my outfit suggestions and they are all from budget friendly stores such as asos, zara, and a boutique called celeb boutique

Go vibrant and bold:

Fashion Week 2014 Collection I

Go monochromatic, soft, with an edge:

Fashion Week 2014 Collection II

What are you thinking of wearing?