Statement Jewelry with Sasha Maks Vintage and Styling services by Sasha

I hope you had a fantastic time ringing in 2014! I had a blast in Seattle, WA with amazing friends.  We also celebrated my fiancĂ©'s birthday because he was born on 1/1.  Every New Years we have a double celebration.

Sasha and Keily

Now, on to the important stuff…Now that we are over the holidays you shouldn't forget about Birthdays, Valentine's day, and Mother's day.  You still need to come up with cool and great gifts for your loved ones! Check out Sasha Maks Vintage to find the perfect statement making necklace, bracelet, ring, brooch, or set.  In addition to jewelry, Sasha has launched a styling service called Styled by Sasha Maks.  You can contact Sasha via the "Contact Us" link on the website for a quote.  Sasha will be able to help you style her jewelry as well as already owned clothes and jewelry in your closet.  This is also a perfect gift for someone that needs a little help!

I have had the opportunity to attend some of Sasha's pop up sales around SF and she always looks immaculate with her cool vintage style and amazing jewelry pieces.  "Like" Sasha Maks Vintage Facebook page here to stay up to date with events and sales.

Check out some pictures below that capture Sasha herself, her jewelry collection, and amazing pop up events!

Photos by JenyMay Villarete