Introducing Catwalk Chic Boutique- An online Chic Shop

Are you all done with your christmas shopping? What about your NYE outfit?

Look no further! Catwalk Chic Boutique has exactly what you need.  This amazing online boutique was just recently launched by a local San Francisco blogger, fashionista, and entrepreneur named Jia.  Jia handpicks each and every one of her pieces embracing Catwalk Chic Boutique's value proposition-"Catwalk Chic Boutique gives the fashion-forward woman a place to shop for the hottest trends, all at affordable prices.  Get the latest thing without spending an outrageous amount to get it."  All handpicked pieces are chosen to reflect the perfect balance between quality, affordability and style.

Catwalk Chic Boutique is perfect for your girl's night out, cocktail parties, and date nights.  I had the honor and opportunity to touch, feel, and wear the fabulous dresses.  They are high quality for great prices, sexy and unique.  When you wear the dresses you feel like such a diva.  When I tried on the most popular item (Floral Open Back Romper), I felt sexy, confident, and unique because I knew that no one else could get it unless they shopped at Catwalk Chic Boutique.

If you live in San Francisco you should definitely go to Redford on December 27th to buy your NYE outfit and say hello to Jia! Catwalk Chic Boutique will be partnering with other local retailers to bring a night of fashion, beauty, and fun near you! Click here for more info.  My favorite dress is the "Open-Back Jacquard Mini Dress".  I saw this on Jia and she just looked stunning and sexy! The open back adds character and sass.

Check out the amazing dresses below:

Founder & CEO, Jia
Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! Let me know if you buy anything ;)



  1. Chic chic chic! Those dresses are killer! <3

  2. Love the owner's dip dye! First thing that caught my eye, haha.
    But that white top with the open sleeves is a dreammmm. Would love that in my closet, so ethereal.

    Great post. :)

    Abby A.

  3. Love Catwalk Chic & Jia! Awesome write-up Keily!!! How can you not be ready for 2014 with these amazing dresses?!