StylSavvy: The Ultimate Fashion shopping iPad app

How do you like to shop? Have you ever wished to combine pieces that you already own with potential pieces that you are looking to buy to see if they go together to help you make a decision? Have you ever thought that it was very annoying to go from one website to another when trying to find the perfect outfit? The solution to all of these frustrations and aggravations is StylSavvy, the ultimate fashion shopping iPad app.

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StylSavvy is designed to shop the complete look from 2,000+ brands from leading retailers ranging from Macy's to Saks.  It has cool scrolling rows that allows you to discover new ways to combine pieces into outfits.   The search feature lets you quickly narrow down over 175,000 products to the exact outfit combination you have in mind.  You can search by the type of apparel you wish to see, price range, color, stores, and brands.  It also allows you to share your favorite items with people via Email, Facebook, and Twitter.  

There's a Style It feature, that is like a virtual dressing room, where you can see how clothes, shoes, and accessories go together before you make the purchase.  But it's more powerful because you can combine products from multiple stores as well as items from your Closet to style entirely new outfits or to style outfits from pieces you already own.

In order to add your closet items, you simply take pictures of what's in your closet with the Closet feature.  This feature allows you to visualize/organize what you have and it allows you to shop for the perfect piece that will complete your look! How savvy is that?!

To make it even better! Forever 21 launches on StylSavvy today!

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Style it: You can style your favorites from the Shop feature along with your closet items.  This is your virtual dressing room.

Closet: This is where you add your closet items

Shopping cart: Check out time!

Happy Shopping!