Sample sales in NYC are like finding treasures

Check out these sample sales that I have spotted in the city! I get so excited because you can ALWAYS find something. The prices are phenomenal and hey you could never go wrong with stocking up on designer essentials for the many seasons to come ;)

At Elie Tahari you will find 100% leather belts for just $9, jackets for $99, and shoes for $79. The sample sale is still going on until Sunday.

They had these heels for $79 vs $350 from the original store.

Elie Tahari on 5th avenue and 42nd street right next to Joe Fresh.

At the Acne sample sale on the 2nd day there were only like 3 pairs of shoes left.  A few dresses from  $20-$200 and jackets for $100.  If you hate lines like me! Don't go on the 1st day.  They are brutal.  You can go on the 2nd or last day right before lunch time or 1 or 2 hours before they close.

At the Zero + Maria Cornejo sample sale the shoes were amazing from $60-$200.

Enjoy your weekend and I would love to hear about your sample sale shopping experience!