Game of Thrones Exhibit

Yesterday was the last day for the Game of Thrones exhibit in NYC! The line was insane and it wrapped around like a snake. I spoke to a few people by the door before I made the decision to "perhaps wait in line". Some people said that they had waited for more than 3 hours on Tuesday for nothing, because the line was cut off before they could enter.

Hearing this terrified me and so my goal was to get in no matter what! I did that by waiting by the door and as soon as the opportunity came and no one was looking, I entered! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I needed to take advantage of it! Wouldn't you? Once I made it in I thought I was safe and could just sit on the iron throne right away...That wasn't the case, I then had to actually wait in line inside for the iron throne.

HBO set up an awesome installation. The line for the iron throne wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and it only took about 5 minutes to get to the throne. They then took a professional picture of you sitting on the throne and then had an iPad station for you to email it to yourself. They also gave you a hard copy of the picture. From the line to the throne, I got to snap some awesome pics. There were games and lots of screen shots of certain scenes all over the place from the 7 kingdoms. A lot of the exhibit showcased a lot about the Wildlings and of course Daenerys (Khaleesi).

I loved the body silhouette displays of all of the major characters. The detail and display was awesome. I hope that you enjoy the pics below, just as much as I did taking them! By the way, everything was for free ;)