Easy Breezy Nail Art

I decided to finally give those stick-on nail designs that are sold at Duane Reade (NY drugstore), Walgreens, or CVS to just name a few, a try. I have been seeing a lot of this recently and so I decided to try it. I picked a baby blue nail polish by Essie and some clear and silver glittery nail design. I thought this combination went really well together. These stick-ons are so user friendly ;)

Here are the steps:

1. Paint your nails using 2 coats of your favorite color
2. Do not use topcoat because the stick-ons have shine and will protect the nail polish
3. Find the sizes that fit your nails. My pack brought 18
4. Once your nail polish is dry, begin the sticking
5. Fold the left over of the sticker downward and file it away with the nail filer

Check out how mine turned out below:

Will you try these? Let us know.