How to work the cut out look

Did you get to watch the 1st episode of the second season of Fashion Star? I DVRd it and got to see it yesterday.  I must say that this season's talent and designs are way more sophisticated, sharp, and modern.  The second that a designer brings a dated piece down the catwalk, he or she is out.  The competition is tough.

The teams are now broken into a team of designers per mentor (Nicole Richie, John Varvatos, and Jessica Simpson).  In the last season, the mentors worked with all of the designers.  This time, they work with a team of designers only.  In my opinion, this is clever.  The mentors will be able to learn the designer's aesthetics and as a result of this they will be able to guide and lead better.

The piece that caught my eye from the 1st episode and the one that I would love to own is the Midi dress by Hunter Bell.  I love this dress because of the color and the cut out detail.  When buying a silhouette with cut outs, the cut outs should be small and not so overwhelming or over powering because if they are you will look trashy.

This is Hunter Bell's dress:

Affordable cut out dresses:

Will you rock the cut out look this spring? I will, most definitely!



  1. I just loved your choices! I love a good cut out dress!
    I didn't know your blog, but I really liked it!

    Arcanus Unknown