CFDA partners with eBay on the "You can't fake fashion" cause

Yesterday the council of fashion designers of America (CFDA) partnered with eBay and launched a canvas tote collection to be auctioned off starting at $100. Each participating designer designed their own tote. All proceeds will go towards the CFDA foundation to support the anti counterfeiting cause.

Imagine if you were one of these designers and your hard work and creativity was just replicated by some random warehouse in the middle of nowhere and your sales suffered because of this? That would suck!

Go here for more information and for your chance to bid or just buy the plain tote for $50. You could buy it and then style/customize it however you want! You have until March 25th. I would love to buy one and customize it myself! We will see...I will definitely post about it if I do.

Here are some of the totes...the first one on the left is the plain tote that is $50