Kelly Osbourne Obsession

I was introduced to Kelly Osbourne during 'The Osbourne' show'.  I really liked the show because no matter what the crisis was or what the family was going through they always bounced back and showed their love for one another and support.  Kelly was always very honest, funny, and outspoken.  During that time, Kelly also debuted a music album.

Kelly grew up in the spotlight and paparazzi because of her dad.  She had a very stressful and unstable life in the sense that she had to move numerous times and lived in more than 20 homes between the UK and US due to her dad's tours.  Kelly also suffered from drug abuse and arrests after her dad got into a car accident where he suffered from very critical injuries and short term memory loss.  This was not an easy thing to deal with for Kelly or her family.

Kelly is now 28 years old and has recovered from all of the drama and everything that was putting her down and causing her to act rebellious.  She is now a Fashion Icon and a role model.  She is a host at Fashion Police on E! channel and has started a new segment called "Kelly's Obsession" for Fashion Police.  Her outfits are fashion forward and statement making.  Below is the video from her new segment.

Here are a few of my Kelly favs...

Gotta love and admire Kelly! She is also in the process of  launching her own Plus-Size clothing line.