Clutches & Crossbodies

I am going to purchase my first Rebecca Minkoff crossbody handbag soon for a big discount! Usually these bags are $295 or more.  I am going to be able to get any handbag or clutch I want worth $300 for just $145! So can you if you live in NY.  These were the handbags I had in mind...

Mini MAC crossbody in the tan color

Oryany Celeste Mini bag

The Rebecca Minkoff is $165.75 at BagShop and the Celeste bag is $136.00 at BagShop.  I will be purchasing a voucher  from DailyCandy worth $300 for $145 in order to be able to buy both bags DailyCandy.  HURRY! because the voucher will be available until July 16th.


I am so excited! This will be my birthday present to me :)