Spring accessories and skin care collection!

I am extremely excited about this! I had the honor and opportunity to meet with each designer at the 'Emerging Designer Trunk Show' in NYC! I must say that the products I am about to show you are amazing and unique.  If you are looking for something special and edgy for you or for someone, this is exactly what you need!

1. E. Kammeyer Accessories  http://www.ekammeyer.com/

Handmade accessories made by Emily Kammeyer.  The label E. Kammeyer has been established for 4 years.  Her hair accessories vary from bridal all the way to an every day style.  Her spring collection  captures bright and saturated colors, solids, silks, greens, and neons.  My favorite headband was the sting ray pattern one.  These go perfect with a cocktail dress, an office outfit, or for a stroll in the park.  Basically with anything and for any occasion, E. Kammeyer has it. What is your favorite?

2. Nona E Rose  http://www.nonaerose.com/

The label Nona E Rose by Rachel Sax was established 3 years ago.  Nona E Rose's accessory line combines vintage, playful, and fun to create beautiful belts as a product.  Nona E Rose's belts are exquisite and go perfectly with any outfit! That is what I loved the most about these belts.  You can dress them up or down and look fabulous at all times and at the same time look a little vintage and edgy.  Nona E Rose also launched some wristbands this spring.

3. Naturally Susan's Bath and Body products  http://www.naturallysusansllc.com/

Susan Ng is the founder and owner of the label.  She combines natural and organic ingredients to produce a skin care line that is free of toxins, chemicals, and artificial colors and fragrances.  I tried on the Avocado Lavender Salve and it felt like I was applying silk to my hands.  This product was neither greasy or sticky.  It was just perfect and just what your hands need.

4. etc...modern vintage jewelry

The founders of this label are two sisters.  Liz from NYC and Kim Teich from Boston.  Their inspiration came from their mother who was a jewelry designer.  I admire the fact that they both decided to continue the tradition and have created a beautiful and unique jewelry line.  The products that impressed me the most and I just absolutely loved were the spiral wire designs.  All of the jewelry is a reconstruction of antiques with a modern twist.  Another unique twist to the label is the fact that you can request customized jewelry from, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and head pieces.

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have ;)



  1. Thank you for covering the show so well. It was great to read this post and meet you! xo Liz

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