Fashion Star and Rachel Roy at Macy's

If you haven't been watching the 'Fashion Star' tv show, you should.  It is on NBC every Tuesday at 10pm.  Upcoming designers compete for a chance to design and partner with Macy's, Sacks fifth avenue, and H&M.  My favorite designer is Orly Shani.  Last tuesday she designed 3 beautiful scoop neck sheath dresses and Sacks outbid Macy's with $110,000 offer! Let's see what else Orly comes up with and if she is the final winner!

Here are some pictures of this week's designs at Macy's.  We have Ross' pleated satin shorts and Nikki's palazzo jumpsuit.  I also took the opportunity to display Rachel Roy's collection at Macy's...enjoy! I also captured some pictures of the flower festival hosted by Macy's.


  1. Great pictures! I love that flower show :)

  2. Love the pics to, but the styles are changing so rapidly, I'm not sure I'm liking all the flowers.

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