Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Runway

Farewell fashion week :( Until September! It was fun while it lasted.  On February 16th, 2012 I attended the last fashion week show sponsored by American Express.  American Express always sponsors the last fashion show in February and September.  This year it was Tommy Hilfiger's show!  The event began with a pre show from 6:30pm to around 7:30pm.  During the pre show, champagne and appetizers were served. And of course, pictures were taken.  While I was enjoying the pre show, I met these 2 lovely sisters named Adriana and Johana Molero.  I just had to take a picture of them because they looked amazing! Their outfits really stood out because they wore very vibrant colors and they just looked exotic.  Thank you Adriana and Johana for letting me take a picture of you <3 Keep it fabulous!

Here are some additional pictures from the entrance to the pre show.

Finally the Tommy Hilfiger RUNWAY! I was able to situate myself in front of the runway with the photographers and AMEX PR firm.  I am very excited to share this with you because this was an unforgettable experience from one of the most famous and influential designers in America! Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to the Tommy Hilfiger spring collection of 2012!

Before I do, let me just tell you a little bit about the designer and the brand.  Tommy Hilfiger launched his line in 1985 with "preppy with a twist" as the inspiration.  Today he is one of the biggest designers in America and continues to be successful at what he does.  In my opinion, what he does best is connect with his customers.  His collections are always wearable, relatable and obtainable.  This show focused on the consumer.  It gave the consumer the opportunity to attend and feel like a part of the brand and show! Music is also an inspiration to Tommy Hilfiger and that is why he had the band by the name of 'Cobra starship' play for the runway.  Because when he was 18 he wanted to be a Rock star and according to Tommy Hilfiger "Runways need music where the models can walk".  "Tommy Hilfiger is about being diverse, fun, and corky at the same time"-Tommy Hilfiger.

This year's Spring collection depicts "The glamping trip"AKA camping with glam.  Let the Runway show begin while Cobra Starship jams to "You make me feel"!

The event didn't end there.  Tommy Hilfiger also gave his front row attendees a $100 gift card to his store on 5th ave.  He also provided a shuttle service to the store after the show.  This was the after show:

Thanks for stopping by ;) -XOXO Keily