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Hello there,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I have decided to post a shopping experience from one of my co workers because it is worth reading about and worth visiting DSW! Here it goes...

"Deal of the year and thank god for DSW!!

As I was perusing through DSW on Saturday I came across a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo's originally marked $1100 they had a Purple Sticker that indicated they were an additional 70%off the sale price which was $599.94 which would have made them 179.99 (not bad) So I thought to myself hmmmm I will treat myself heck they are JIMMY CHOO!! Plus I had a $50.00 gift card leftover from Christmas. So I get to the register and the woman rang them and it came up as 40% off and I said...they are a purple sticker doesn't that mean 70%? She said, you are right, and on top of the 40% she rang up she put another 70% off. This made them come to $47.00 which I then used a $10.00 coupon.......FINAL COST FOR JIMMY"S $37.00..........IT WAS MY DAY!! And I still had leftover on my gift card...LOL"

Can you all believe this?! $37.00 for a pair of fabulous Jimmy Choo sandals! These will go well with a nice pair of skinny jeans or trousers ;).  I invite you to share your deal of the year shopping experience, we want to know.  Thank you co-worker for sharing this with us!!!