Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale in the Bay Area

May 17, 2013

Make sure that you swing by the Argonaut Hotel located on Beach St and Hyde St tomorrow from 10am-4pm.  Everything Rebecca Minkoff will be 75% off.  If you haven't gotten your Mini MAC cross body, this is your chance.  You can also get cool accessories for your iPhone, iPad, and even Kindle.

Remember that all of the cross body bags are $195 regular retail price.  I always like to check the regular retail prices before going to a sample sale, to see if the sample sale price is really worth it.  Usually if the sample sale price is more than 50% off retail, it is worth it.  This one is supposed to be 75% off, we will see.

I will be looking for any of these pieces!

Regular price: $498.00
Regular price: $345.00
Sale price: $245.00

Regular price: $48.00
Sale price: $18.00


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